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We are delighted that you visit us at our website. Here in the "Company & Products" section we will inform you in detail about ZV3 - the innovation company in the field of implantology. We introduce to you our titanium-free 1- and 2-piece ZV3 all-ceramic implants of zirconium, which are manufactured in our laboratory using the latest methods and materials of the highest quality. And individualized for each patient. For more information, simply click in each section.


Future's already today: FCD® implants

To have a vision, one must be fully familiar with the given conditions. And have ideas to give rise to something new and to make it better at the same time. Our innovative, patented all-ceramic implant system is the result of years of experience of dentists and our constant search for the optimum in dental implantology.


ZV3 - our history.

Behind every product there is a story. Read in the "History" section, how we have become what we are today: A company for innovative 1- and 2-piece ceramic implants.


Innovations in ceramic. Our products.

With our 1 - and 2-piece ceramic implants, we want to revolutionize the market of dental implants. And we have succeeded. Our unique, innovative manufacturing process offers a uniquely high roughness, which leads to a strong primary stability. Our all-ceramic implants of zirconium are patented and have been proven in the best possible way both by patients and implant dentists.



Here you will find useful studies on implants and additional information about our Zircon Vision all-ceramic implants.


ZV3 - the management.

Every company that works, has also a functioning team. Our team consists of professional people with vision, who work with dedication on our ZV3 implants.

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Here you will find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers on our product Zircon Vision all-ceramic implant.


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Cooperation with the Universities of Düsseldorf, Groningen, Ulm and Hamburg.