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Innovations in ceramic. Our products.

With our 1 - and 2-piece ceramic implants, we want to revolutionize the market of dental implants. And we have succeeded. Our unique, innovative manufacturing process offers a uniquely high roughness, which leads to a strong primary stability. Our all-ceramic implants of zirconium are patented and have been proven in the best possible way both by patients and implant dentists.


Convincing advantages. ZV3 implants!

There are many different implants in the market. Whether made of titanium or ceramic. Conventional implants have in deed been in use for a long time- but that does not mean that they are without disadvantages. ZV3 implants were developed in the field of implantology based on years of experience and have first-class, innovative features.



Here you will find useful studies on implants and additional information about our Zircon Vision all-ceramic implants.


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